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The 1-2 Pass: The Most Effective Move in Soccer

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Soccer player dribbling down the field during a match

Is there a move that's more effective at beating defenders than others? The answer is "Yes!".

It's called the 1-2 pass, wall pass, or pass and move.

In this post, I'll cover what the wall pass is and why it's so effective.

Let's get started!

What is a wall pass?

A wall pass is when you pass the ball to a teammate and they pass it back to you. It's usually done with one or two touches and works anywhere on the pitch.

The brilliance of the 1-2 pass is it's simplicity. It can be done with one teammate or multiple teammates at a time, as I'll cover a bit later.

Below is a video of simple 1-2 pass during training. They use cones as defenders but you could practice with real defenders during a team training.

Why it works

It works because it's simple, quick, and difficult to defend. If you do it right the defenders will be caught ball watching while you run into space.

Too many players overcomplicate the game. The 1-2 pass keeps it simple.

The video below is a example from Barcelona FC. They are masters of the 1-2, or as some other people call it, Tiki Taka.

I'm still amazed at how they can dominate teams like Real Madrid with some simple passing patterns. They make it look so easy and there is NOTHING the other team can do about it.

Tips to get started

The wall pass is easy to learn and can be mastered over time.

Here are 3 actionable tips to get you started.

  1. Practice

  2. Watch videos

  3. Simplify your game


I believe the wall pass is the most effective move in soccer.

Why?... It works...every time!

Be sure to master this skill and you will do great things! Remember, pass and move! That's the name of the game!

Good luck!

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