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Best Goalkeeper Training for Utah Soccer Players

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

Goalie catching a soccer ball during training

One of the positions I don’t excel in is goalkeeper. I haven’t ever really enjoyed it and I’m not very good at it.

However, goalkeeper is a very critical position and I am grateful to all the goalkeepers I have played with.

Because I don’t know much about being goalie and probably won’t post about it often, I wanted to create this post to help any goalkeepers out there.

In this post, I’ll share one of the best goalkeeper training programs for Utah soccer players and beyond.

Better Goalkeeping Training Programs

I have a friend (one of my coaches at BYU) who offers both online and in person training for goalkeepers.

The in person only applies if you live in Utah, but the online training works for everyone.

His company is called Better Goalkeeping and he does a great job of developing keepers both on and off the field.

Brandon is a man of character and I learned a lot from him as a coach and as a friend while I played at BYU. He has a lot of passion for the game and has a lot of experience coaching at the collegiate and other levels.

His programs focuses on 4 key areas (copied from his website):

  • Physical - Power, quickness, strength, and core

  • Technical - Proper and effective goalkeeper skills

  • Tactical - Educate our goalkeepers and create an environment to understand the WHY

  • Character - Build them with grit, commitment, excitement, and passion to be a better person

He offers a variety of program options on his website and also has a blog and some additional education specifically for goalkeepers.

Be sure to check out the different programs and see which ones work for you.

Better Goalkeeping Products

In addition to the different training programs he offers, he also creates and sells products for goalkeepers.

If you need some new gloves, you definitely want to check it out. He has two different styles with more on the way!

Brandon is a keeper himself and knows what keepers need. I know he develops his products with keepers in mind.


If you’re looking for some training, Better Goalkeeping is one of the best options around for goalkeepers.

I trust Brandon and know that he is committed to helping you succeed. I experienced that first hand when I played for him at BYU and I know he brings a lot of value and experience to the game.

Be sure to check out his website today and see how he can help you grow and improve.

Good luck!

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