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How to Defend a 2v1 Like a Champ

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Soccer defending

The 2v1 situation is inevitable. It happens in every game.

How do you defend it effectively?

The answer is simple... You cut off the pass.

Cut off the Pass

The key here is positioning.

You want to position yourself so they cannot pass square or a through ball.

You also want to position yourself so the attacking player can’t have a direct route to goal.

It’s also much easier for the goalie to save a shot from the initial attacker than it is for them to defend a back door pass.

Make Them Work for the Goal

One thing you want to always do as a defender is make them work for the goal.

Don’t give them the easy path.

Make it hard for them to score.

What I find (if you cut off the pass effectively) is that most players will either pass the ball right to you or be forced to take a low percentage shot.

That’s exactly what you want.

You want to force them to make a poor decision, and most players will 90% of the time.


To effectively defend a 2v1 situation, make sure you cut off the pass.

This will make play predictable and make it difficult for the opposing team to score.

Remember, if you can cut off the pass you eliminate the advantage.

Be sure to practice your positioning and you will start stopping goals like nobody’s business!

Good luck!

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