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Adidas Predator Freak Review - Men's Indoor Soccer Shoes

Updated: May 9, 2023

Men's Indoor Soccer Shoes - Adidas Predator Freak

I don't buy indoor shoes often. Maybe once every couple of years. But my last pair of indoors finally gave up so it was time to start shopping.

For me, I prefer Adidas over Nike. I think both brands are good, but when it comes to shoes, I always pick Adidas.

I think it's because I have wide feet and they seem to accommodate that better. I have tried Nike shoes in the past, but they always seem to narrow and uncomfortable for me.

So I purchased some red Adidas Predator shoes off Amazon. Just like the ones in the affiliate ad below.

So far, they have been awesome! They are comfortable, durable, and just what I need. I would rate these shoes five out of five stars.

It did take me a second to get used to the laces and the way they feel on the ball. They are different than other shoes I've had in the past.

They aren't my most favorite material, but each time I play, I get more comfortable with how they work.

One thing on the laces. At first I thought that you couldn't adjust how tight they were. They were really tight to begin with.

I couldn't even get my foot in the shoe.

But then I discovered that you can adjust them to whatever tightness you need.

They have worked great ever since.

I'm not a flashy player. I play a simple game and like to keep my shoes and socks simple. But even with that in mind, I really like the colors of these shoes.

The red and black is a good mix of flashy and simple.

Should you buy these shoes?

It depends. If you have wide feet and like Adidas, then these would work great for you! They also have a variety of colors and styles to choose from.

If you have narrow feet and prefer Nike, then these probably wouldn't work as well for you.

One of the things that helped me decide to purchase these shoes was all the helpful reviews on Amazon. I know that I have wide feet and need a shoe that runs true to size.

I read several reviews saying just that so I went ahead and purchased them.

You never know until you try them on so I was a little hesitant about purchasing them online. But I'm really happy with them so far.

If you're looking for some great shoes, check out these on Amazon! Just click the affiliate link below.


Buying the right shoes is always an important decision for me. They have to feel just right in order for me to play my best.

I've said it several times already but I'm really happy with the shoes above. I would definitely buy them again!

If you're in the market for shoes, best of luck. It can be difficult sometimes to find what works best for you. I hope this post helps in some way or another.

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